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Good Shepherd Clinic of Dawson County, Inc.








     The Good Shepherd Clinic of Dawson County is a non-profit center that will provide free non-

     emergent health and wellness services for individuals that live, work or attend school in Dawson 

     County without  access to insurance.




    The Good Shepherd Clinic strives to make Dawson County a better place by providing health care for 

    those who have none.


     What is a Free Clinic?

     According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millions of people are without medical insurance in this country.


     Many residents of Dawson County are uninsured - lacking sufficient resources to provide for their

     health care needs.


     In response, communities across the country are developing Free Clinic that bring together volunteer

     health care professionals and other community volunteers to offer free health care to the uninsured

     people in their community.


     Free Clinics are private, non-profit, community based organizations that provide non-emergent health

     services at no cost to uninsured people.  They accomplish this through the use of volunteer health

     professionals and community volunteers, along with partnerships with other health providers.


     Each Free Clinic is unique, in that its development and services are based on the particular needs and

     resources of the local community.


     Care is made possible through the donation of goods and services, community contributions, and



     Volunteer health professionals provide a significant portion of health care services and are in great 

     need if anyone is interested in volunteering.

Free services provided at Good Shepherd Clinic of Dawson County:

      General Medical, non-emergent care

       Women's Wellness screening, including PAP Smear

       Prescription Assistance Programs for medication prescribed by clinic practitioners

       Information, Referral and Advocacy for Health and support services


The Clinic does not provide emergency care or treat chronic pain requiring narcotics.

Qualification to see if you are eligible is required for an appointment to be made.

Qualification/Eligibility: Thursday 3-5 p.m.

Must live, work or attend school in Dawson County, without insurance and in the 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Required items to bring:

Photo ID or Drivers License

Household Income with current address

All medications




                              Location: 200 Dawson Commons Circle, Suite 220 in Dawsonville, GA



                                                                 Phone Number: (706)429-9914